Rendering Nuts and Bolts 2


9. Split the viewport and make space  for node editor.

10. First select any of the nut or bolt and in Material Tab (Property editor) press NEW

11. By default you will get Diffuse BSDF node connected to material output.
      In order to make it shiny and reflective we will append another node called “Glossy BSDF”
     Shift A (in node editor window)  -> Closure -> Glossy BSDF.
Or with New CYCLES Build you will have Shift + A -> Shader -> Glossy BSDF
Also, IN latest build, you wont see a Fresnal value.. it can be controlled through Color. Like White = 1 and black = 0

12. in order to blend both of these we will add another node called Mix Closure.
    Now connect Diffuse node and glossy node to mix closure and connect this to material output.
(refer image)

13. leave the settings for as default for now. And do the same for all nuts and bolts.

(Diffuse value can be used for adjusting custom colors to the object.if you want to)

you can copy the material by pressing DownArrow sign near material box. -> Copy material
select another nut or bolt -> ADD new material -> press the same downArrow -> Paste material

14. now select plane and add NEW material to it.  in Node editor, Append new node called “Image texture”
Shift A -> texture > image texture
Connect output of this node to the input of Diffuse BSDF. 

15. Select plane and in property rollout (right hand side) under Material Tab – find the “image” button and click to add any image for your Ground.

16. In order to scale, position and rotate the image you will need Mapping node.
Shift A -> Vector -> Mapping
Connect output of mapping node to the input of image texture node.
Now press
Shift A -> input -> Texture Co-ordinate
Connect object input to the output of mapping (vector)
Tweak the translation, rotation and scale to fit your image on to the plane.

. (Or you may adjust that after lighting is done to see directly into the preview render)

<--BASIC SETUP                            LIGHTING SETUP : Continued on Page 3   


Anonymous said…
Hi Nikhil,

I am new to blender and in my blender no such option is coming.
what should i do.
gfunk2k said…
This is just what I am looking for but I don't have the option to add Mix Closure, can anyone help???
Nikhil ...... said…
@ gfunk2k & Anonymous : Word "Mix closure" is replaced by the word "Shader" ..
everything else is same .. actually some more stuffs are added in the new build .. :)
Anonymous said…
nice tutorial
Nitesh Malli said…
Very Good information...........
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