Simulating & Rendering Squishy Ball 01



In this tutorial, we will be looking at

1. how to Setup Cloth Parameters for a squishy Ball

2. Texturing / Shading using Nodes Editor

3.  Rendering the scene with Blenders new CYCLES path tracer render engine.

4. Tips for doing Multiple Objects collision

For this you will need :
Blender 2.59 Cycles Build  (get from
Here in this tutorial I used Blender Cycles + CUDA 2.5.3 Build


1. Press Shift + A and make a box

2. Add subdivide modifier to it and keep the view / render ratio to 3 each.

3. Hit Apply button on the modifier to convert current shape as a base mesh which will allow us to tweak the shape in EDIT MODE.

4. GO into Edit mode by pressing TAB key and select face Selection mode, And select an alternate faces

5. Hit ‘E’ on your keyboard to activate the extrude operation and then right click to place extruded faces on the same place. Now Hit “S” to scale those in upto certain level. Refer the image.

6. Now come back to object mode. Apply cloth form Physics Tab to our box (squishy ball).

7. Now, make a floor.

Shift + A  -> Box / plane for our ball to collide with.

8. Add collision from the physics tab to our Ground. Keep the settings for default for now.

                                                            Setting Cloth Parameters.....


calmasacow said…
What were the rendertimes one this?
Nikhil ...... said…
@ calmasacow : render time was around 5 to 6 min per frame On CPU while 2-3 min on GPU.. kept for 500 Integrators ..
fraphotography said…
How do you select alternate faces??? It's taking me forever!
Nikhil ...... said…
@fraphotography :

manually .. :(

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