Rendering Nuts & Bolts

Rendering Nuts and Bolts in Blender 2.59 with Cycles.

In this tutorial, we will be looking at
1. how to assign materials using Node Editor
2.  Adding light shader to Objects
3.  Render the scene with Blenders new CYCLES path tracer render engine.
4. Adding Depth of Field
For this you will need :
Blender 2.59 Cycles Build  (get from

NOTE : Some builds may not include some feature with this build (r39671 32 Bit) while some additional options may appear in newer builds.


1. First of all, Go to  File -> User Preferences - > Add-ons Tab
In Add-ons tab select MESH and Check the “Add Mesh- Bolt Factory” addon.

You may click on Save as default if you want to keep this addon active all the time.

2. Now, Press  “Shift + A” in 3d View -> Mesh -> Bolt
(you may change the bolt type in property editor by  press T on keyboard)

3. Rotate it  180 degrees in X axis.

4.  Similarly add plane into the scene for floor.  Shift A > Mesh > Plane 
     Scale with S key as per your scene.

5.  To make Nuts,  press Shift A -> mesh -> Bolt
   Create it and in property sidebar (left hand side) (press T to call) change the type to Nut.
 (Note : you can only change the type before applying any transformation / action to object)

6.  make few of same and place it as per your choice.

7. Select Nuts and bolts from the scenes  and add SubDivision Surface Modifier to it.

8. Press “0” Zero on  numpad to go in camera view and adjust the view by pressing Shift + F (camera Fly mode)

Assigning Materials : Continued on Page 2 ->


Anonymous said…
Thank you Nikhil, useful tut.
I put my result in Deviant ( giving you the appropriate credit.
Nikhil ...... said…
@ Barri Allen : nice render.. & Thanks for credit :)
Anonymous said…
great 3d work in Blender suite. This is a great learning place for novice 3d annimators
Retina Inc said…
This is outstanding animation work done using Blender suite in very simpe way. A great resource for new learners. Looking forward for more of your works.
Nikhil ...... said…
Thanks alot :) more stuffs coming soon :)
Nitesh Malli said…
Great Article. its is very very helpful for all of us and I never get bored while reading your article because, they are becomes a more and more interesting from the starting lines until the end.
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