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Welcome to my Tutorial blog,

Here i'll be uploading 3d tutorials for students specially for 3D dynamics / FX , lighting and rendering ..
Softwares will be covered are mainly

3Ds max,
Luxology Modo, and
Blender 3D.

Enjoy the tutorials and post your comments and demands.

Tutorials are categorized according to Softwares, Hope I am putting a clear data through video OR Text.

Newest Tutorials :
1. Simulating & Rendering Squishy Ball

2. Blender 3D - Making Nuts And Bolts Scene


3. 3ds Max : Making Simple Rain Effect using particle flow.


4. Modo - Introduction to Fur in Modo and adding density map.

So enjoy my tutorials, m still making it so may take time to deliver all the data for now,

You can always mail me at :

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