Rendering Nuts and Bolts 4

23. Now to add environment, we will add .HDR image to light up the scene and our objects will have something to reflect.
In Property editor select WORLD tab (third from left).
Click on ADD
In Color rollout click on Little square button having dot in the middle
And select  Image TEXTURE / Environment Texture.
Browse for any .HDR image.

24. Let it clean up for couple of minutes. Now you will get something like this. More shiny and reflective nuts & Bolts.

25. hey,  we are almost done. Its time to finalize the look.

Go to Render tab, (first in property editor), scroll down until you find FILM rollout.
Play with Exposure value depends on the mood of image, also, try different camera Film response.
For my case I used F-250 Film.

(Note : Sadly the Latest Build doesnt come with this feature. This may get added lateron.)

26. To add depth of field,  select camera first, in Object data tab, adjust the DISTANCE as per your camera distance to the object ,
And to see where the focus is, change the Lens radius value a bit.. (sensitive parameter). I used Lens Radius to 0.09.

 (Note : Latest Build have different parameters - For Lens Radius tweak Aperture value. Blades and rotation can be used to stylize bokeh effect)

27. Final Step.. phewww !!
Time to render
Final things to change is in RENDER tab,
i) Resolution
ii) Integrator – Keep the passes to maximum number so it will get more time to cleanup ..

And DONE !!
Play more and get some amazing renders …

DO let me know about this tutorial, post the comment Below... :) Send your response or requests to

Thanks and regards,
Nikhil Dhoka
Download Finished .Blend  + Files - Click here

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Anonymous said…
Hi Nikhil what revision of cycles you use. In mine, latest own build, there no Film anymore, only filter type Gauss or Box.
Thnx for tut.
Nikhil ...... said…
hi Anonymous .. I have used an old build "r39671" .. (32 bit) which is having all film responses.. i agree that the latest build doesnt have this .. :(

Even the Closure word is replaced by "Shader" ....
Curtis Delaney said…
fantastic tutorial.

great intro to cycles for me.

Thanks, and keep them coming.

I too used a newer version that didn't have the film options. A little disappointing but not a game changer.
Nikhil ...... said…
@ Curtis Delaney : Thank you ! and yeah.. more tutorials will come soon !! :)
Hugo Barreira said…
Great tutorial, thanks Nikhil. Keep updating the tutorial, as some names have changed. Thanks again.
Nikhil ...... said…
@ Hugo Barreira : Thanks :) .. yeahh updating it ..
punisher77 said…
thanks amazing tuts
900 passes...WOW, how long it takes Nikhil?
bubbakk said…
Hi Nicks. Than to you and your tutorial, I rendered this image:

Also my version of Cycles is a little different. The greatest thing is that the Glossy shader doesn not have fresnel input value: I hat to generate it as a node.

Thank you again

chaitanyak said…
great intro to cycles and texturing!

have been fiddling with cycles for months but hadn't figured out how to combine diffuse and glossy till today! thanks a ton!
Nikhil ...... said…
@ Punisher77 : Thanks :)
@ Aditia A. Pratama : Not much.. just 5-6 Min .. could have beer more faster with GPU - CUDA
@ Bubbakk : In latest Build, he the glossy Node comes with Color value.. means White = 1.0 and black = 0.0
@Chaitanyak : thanks :) glad u liked it !!
Anonymous said…
Can you make a tutorial to make a car in blender. thank you

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