Simulating & Rendering Squishy Ball 02


9.  Now, Press Play with default setting and you will get something like this.

Which is not really what we want. The cloth is intersecting with itself and has no rigidity.

10. since we have added cloth, the cloth modifier is appearing on modifiers tab, now we can apply another subsurface modifier to give smooth look to our squishy ball. If its still looking flat, hit space bar and type shade smooth and apply to it.

Now the reason for applying subsurface modifier after cloth is to give cloth less segments / geo count to simulate, which will save a lot of time while baking the simulation. Since the modifier is a below the cloth which means its acting after  the cloth simulation and giving nice smooth look without increasing sim time.

11. Its better to  cache your simulations rather than just hitting play button.  Because when you press play, you can not scrub back and forth any time since blender not keeping it in memory. So in Cloth Cache rollout you will find BAKE button, give any name for a cache and hit hit BAKE to bake the simulation. And Use FREE BAKE to erase the simulation

After Baking "FREE BAKE" button will appear on the same space.

12. Now Lets tweak the Cloth collision parameters. 
First thing is to activate “Self Collision” button with decent number of quality value. (More the quality amount more the simulation time)
Keep the distance high enough.
Change the repel value, which will allow the ball to jump / bounce after collision. Generally keep it between 2.5 to 3.0
(refer the settings from image)

13. now Bake the simulation and you will get something like this, which is not giving any geometry intersections. Cool J

But still we are lacking for its shape and bouncy behavior.

14. In Cloth Rollout, you will find, Material Parameters. Lets tweak those now,


 Higher the mass, more it will squeeze after collision, so generally keep it around 1.0 to 2.0


 This value will determine how much the stiff object can be. But if you go to Higher value, it slows the movement. Like a drag force acting on it.
So, keep that in mind and put the value around 750 to 1200.


This value is more important here, higher you goes, more it will try to retain its shape even after distortion due to ground collision. So keep the value around 4500 to 6500.
(depends on scale and mass factor)

Refer the setting from image

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