Making of : IvyGen Growing Animation

Making of :  IvyGen Growing Animation

Software : Blender 2.61 + After effects

Break Down

Texturing / Shading


Here is the simple Material node tree for the leaves


Took me a while to figure out how gradient works in blender (:D)  but finally after playing with "Vector" node made it through. :)


In order to give falloff effect on cups, I used Layer weight Node, in which the facing factor was responsible for creating darker shade over the edges of white cups.

Down here is the node tree for black cups, where for the white cups there is only one change, that is the interchange of positions of diffuse node of black color and grey color into the mix shader.

Render settings 

Did not changed the overall default settings but just kept sample value bit lower to get faster time results .. even though it was little grainy but that factor was taken care at post possessing with after effect using "remove noise".

I kept the rendering on GPU which was giving me an average time of 6 mins per frame on Nvidia GTS 450.

Hope you liked the work, and please feel free to comment. :)

Comments that transformation from cube to tea cup done in AE?

Nikhil ...... said…
@ Aditia A. Pratama :

Glad you liked it !

The opening effect is done with Remesh modifier.

Nikhil Dhoka
greasymnky said…
Great stuff!
Really like what you did with the Remesh modifier and the post-prod.

Is all the post done with Blender?

If so will you make a tutorial or a detailed making of of the post prod?

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