Rendering Rain Particles in 3ds Max

Part 2 - Rendering 

       PLAY (swich to 480p for Higher quality)

                                                                      Watch Part 1


Thank you for watching.

Nikhil Dhoka


Yoana Ivanova said…
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Yoana Ivanova said…
This is a great tutorial, very useful and detailed.
Thank you! :)
Yoana Ivanova said…
Would you explain to me how to set the time of this animation to be longer (for example 10 seconds)?
Thank you very much.
Nikhil ...... said…
@ Yoana Ivanova :

Glad you liked the tutorial.
To increase the time length, You can Right click on 'play' button, and from the pop up window, set the appropriate End frame value.
Yoana Ivanova said…
Thank you very much for your response!
I am going to set the time.
Best Wishes

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