Rendering Nuts and Bolts 3


17.  We will be using object lights to light up the scene.
       First make 2  plane for our light source.

18. Go to material tab – Add new material to plane
Under Surface RollOut - Click on Diffuse BSDF node and change it to Emission

19. Make changes to colors.. for first light slightly yellow  tone and for other light make slight blue.
Or whatever you feels good.
Keep the intensity to “50” for now.


20. In any of the 3D view window,  Switch the Display shade option to “Rendered”

21. Let it calculate and display the current render.. It’s a path tracer so it will keep cleaning the image.
Spend some time and let ti clean up you will get something like this.

22.  Diffuse color is making our nuts and bolts whitish. We will black out the diffuse color of Nuts and Bolts so it will reflect the overall  environment and gives a feel of metal / steel.
Select individual item and in Material Tab change the diffuse color to BLACK.

 Do the same for rest of nuts and bolts.

 < --MATERIALS                                                                 RENDERING : Continued on Page 4 -->


Anonymous said…
Hi, thx for tutorial!!! But... Nuts and Bolts
shadows about? I cant see...
Anonymous said…
Daamn, great tutorial :D

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