Flowing water effect using pflow in 3ds max p3

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Now, we will proceed to the shading part.

29. Hit M on keyboard to open material editor.
check on the Self illumination checkbox and then click on the square box infront of self illumination which will open the texture window, from that choose FALLOFF.
Do the same for Opacity.

30. In falloff change the black color to gray for self illumination and opacity.

31. In order to call this material into particle flow, we will need to go into pView again, and in the top node we will have to append a node called "material static"

Append - > Operator - > Material Static

32. And drag drop the material into node property.

33. We are done with the material part. Lets move on to Rendering. If you press F9 or Shift + Q.
you will see nothing.
Because our particles doesnt have any kind of geometry that render can read.
in order to give geometry we will append the Shape node into the top event.

Append - > Operator - > Shape

and choose a shape type to sphere 20 sides.

34. Similarly Add scale operator just below it. It will allow us to tweak particle scale from individual axis. I kept it to 15 on X,Y and Z axis.. you may have random numbers for each axis as per  scene requirement.

Final node tree.

35. Now choose a good view of the particles in your perspective viewport and hit "Ctrl + C" to create camera from current scene.

36. now hit render (F9 or Shift + Q) to see what we get..

Such a bad render.. i dont think you have seen such a bad render yet... ;)
but wait.. we can fix it with motion blur.. 8)

37. Select your camera and in modifier panel, you will find bunch of properties. In that go to Multi pass effect. Check on that box and choose Motion blur from drop down list.

Total no of passes : 24 (more the passes smoother the result.. longer the render time)

Duration : play with this parameter until you satisfy with the look. i kept it to 100 which gave a really stretchy and blurry look to my particles which i wanted.

38. And now hit the render. and see the change..

pretty cool huh.. :)

Similarly play more with particle count, speed, deflectors, spawns and create some out of box looking effects.

Thanks for reading this tutorial and if you any doubt please mention that in the comment box below or mail me at nicks1008@gmail.com

Nikhil Dhoka

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Anonymous said…
Amazing...I just made my first water, and I also got to understand the particle system more. Thanks!

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