Simulating & Rendering Squishy Ball 03

15. Bake now and you will get something like this.

Little bit more jiggle than it should ?

16. there is a paramerter called spring which allows us to control jiggle effect on an object. Set it to higher number so it will be more settle and less jiggley.
Like this

17. If its  falling too slow increase the Gravity amount to 5 from Cloth field weight rollout.

16.  We are done with the cloth setup now, you will probably to get this effect now,

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Anonymous said…
You are amazing!!!
Thank you so much!
Nikhil ...... said…
:) glad it was helpful to you !!!
Anonymous said…
It was!!! please keep them coming! :D
Anonymous said…
Awesome work.... but for some reason my animation goes really slow and at first the ball did bounce, but when I played it again, the bal went all gloopy and squished when it collided
Nikhil ...... said…
hi.. try decreasing your structural value.. and if it is getting goofed up after collision, lower the gravity amount or Mass ..

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